What is Wattage?

Wattage is simply the term applied to the units of electrical power required to operate an electrical device or appliance at the performance level for which it has been designed. It is determined by the ratio of the voltage across a device and the current flowing through it. Though many people equate motors with higher wattage with greater performance, this is not necessarily correct.

What do the Wattage ratings mean?

Each individual gadget or appliance is scientifically designed to deliver optimal results by drawing on a specific measure of energy. Therefore, an electric shaver that has been determined to require a mere 15W to deliver a satisfactory shave will provide no greater benefit if driven by a 60W motor. The only difference will be in the energy bill and the level of sound emitted. However, where light bulbs are concerned, energy-saving bulbs have a lower wattage and emit a weaker light, so that a brighter emission requires bulbs of a higher wattage. For tanning machines, the most important consideration has little to do with wattage.

The efficiency factor

When it comes to buying a tanning machine, wattage is one of the less important factors to consider. That is not to say that it is not important, but if customers have come to trust particular manufacturers and suppliers to provide quality equipment, they will have confidence that the wattage is perfectly suited to a specific machine. Reliable reputations and good warranties and support are, therefore, the essential elements to consider.

Putting trust to the test

Wagner is one brand name that has long been relied upon to provide tanning machines with the perfect wattage necessary to extract the highest level of performance from every component of their product. With a stellar reputation to protect, this manufacturer will have ensured that the turbine driving each tanning machine is best suited to the specific design and intended performance of the particular product. Precision spraying is what determines a successful spray tan, so that the gun design is crucial. Wagner’s FreshMist professional-grade HVLP tanning machine ensures user comfort with an ergonomically designed handle, while a finer needle and new flow adjuster provide a perfectly even summer glow.

MaxiMist rely on a 570W 2 stage turbine motor to get the best from its Evolution TNT tanning machine with its German engineered spray nozzle. Even at its lowest setting, this machine delivers perfection, while staying cool and keeping the noise level down.

The power to perform

Left to the engineering experts, wattage is really all about providing necessary power and not creating the wastage of energy and tanning solution that results from power ‘overkill’. Tanning Essentials back their Studio machine to deliver excellent results in a home, mobile or salon setting. At twice the wattage, Tantalize offer a 700 Watt Chinese machine (falsely advertised as German) on Amazon that, although driven by a 700W motor, is amusingly claimed to be the quietest machine currently on the market.

Nothing expresses a manufacturer’s confidence in a product more than a good warranty and nothing promotes a brand more than consistent engineering excellence. Wattage may drive the turbine, but this is the only power that matters.