As the original serious tanning machine, the TS50 holds almost mythical status among the industry’s experienced professionals. They remember a time when the only real choice was between the light-weight TS20 or the heavy-duty TS50, unless one wanted to go the branded MaxiMist route (which were effectively the TS50 with a new sticker, flashier gun, and an American sized marketing budget).

The closure of Earlex saw the end of British-made turbines, and the last few years have seen the market open up – mainly to systems imported in from China, with various success in terms of reliability and performance.

But the TS50 is about to make its comeback, and for the first time ever, the British-made body has been adapted to fit with the cutting edge German Click ‘N’ Tan gun technology. Buyers of this machine really will be getting the best of both worlds, and it can be bought exclusively from Lift Your Way, who have agreed this deal with Wagner to bring back, and protect the fabled reputation of, the much loved TS50.

We have 20 machines available for pre-order now, at a massive 25% discount off launch price. The new Elite TS50 will officially relaunch on the 25th of September, and any orders placed before this date will be shipped that Monday.