It’s the biggest news to hit the British tanning industry in almost 3 years, but the secret’s finally out: the iconic TS50, Earlex’s British-made best-selling tanning machine and the workhorse of the industry, is back.

You simply don’t see this kind of quality in our industry any more, as the winding down of British manufacturing and the arrival of Chinese imports has eroded expectations. It’s almost become expected now that a tanning machine will be fraught with problems and only last a year.

Not any more. Now with an upgraded gun, the most reliable and reputable turbine the industry has ever seen is being combined with the cutting-edge technology of the satin spray Click ‘N’ Tan gun. As well as delivering a superior spray tan and minimising overspray, this gun comes with three heads, which are disconnected with a simple twist. This allows you to have multiple shades or brands on the go – perfect for spray tan parties or for the busy salon environment. It also minimises waste, as you no longer need to wash out your gun between clients.

The Elite TS50 launches next Monday, but only a limited number of TS50s have been manufactured, so you can grab it now on pre-order at a massive £50 off regular pricing. Click here to learn more or reserve yours now.