The Euro is currently at historical lows, practically on parity (1:1) with the US dollar. This means that for European companies importing from Asia, everything is now a lot more expensive than it used to be.

This summer, we predicted that the monopoly of Chinese manfacuturing over the European market would mean that large tanning equipment suppliers would soon increase their prices.

The Wagner example 

When Wagner took over Earlex back in 2014, they closed down the UK manufacturing/assembly in Guildford and cut off European suppliers of parts, in favour of their pre-existing supply chain from China.

This cut-throat money-saving tactic meant, however, that all tanning machine suppliers were from that point on fully reliant upon China for their manufacturing, and therefore at the mercy of currency fluctuations between European currencies and China's favoured trading currency, the US Dollar (like Brazil, China does not currently allow its currency, the Renminbi, to be purchased outside of China).

As expected, Wagner have today issued this pricing warning to its distributors:

Dear Customer,

As a manufacturer based in Europe, we have been affected by the change in economic climate (£/€/$).   Furthermore, the materials required for manufacturing increased in price dramatically this Autumn, therefore have had an impact on our internal product prices.  As a result, we will be issuing a 5% increase across the board on our tanning equipment in January 2017. 

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.