The Contec CMS60D is our best-selling professional pulse oximeter, due to its accuracy in the home use and professional settings.

In this short clip below, the CMS60D is hooked up to an sp02 and heart rate simulator. The simulator is effectively playing the role of the patient or user.

Watch how responsive device is to changes in the patient’s heart rate – and, most importantly, how accurate. The CMS60D has an accuracy of up to plus or minus 3 beats per minute (and we have found that for most heart rates, it is spot on. Inaccuracies of 1-3 beats per minute tend to occur at exceptional heart rates only), making it the leading handheld sp02 and heart rate monitor.

Some recent feedback from clients:

“What an excellent piece of equipment! I have used it several times and it is spot on. I am a volunteer community first responder with the East Midlands Ambulance Service and as we are unpaid volunteers we have to purchase all our own kit. I have been evaluating the pulse oximeter and it will now be recommended to my group of volunteers to purchase. Thank you for your swift delivery and hope to do business with you again in the very near future.”

“Hi. I purchased for my husband who was recently released from hospital. He has MND (Motor Neuron Disease / ALS) and now has a tracheotomy and is dependent on a ventilator. I recently also purchased a thermometer and blood pressure machine.”

The CMS60D is also very popular with parents of sick children, including premature babies, when equipped with the neonatal probe (or paediatric probe for children). All of these additional options are available at very limited cost on our website. What’s more, even on the 60D oximeter itself, we run a weekly check and make sure that we always price beat our competitiors, including those on eBay and Amazon. So not only are you buying from a company that can offer you UK-based support and expertise, but you’re also guaranteed the best pricing on the web.

It is particularly helpful that an alarm can be set to alert the parent, carer or user when the heart rate exceeds a certain threshold, or sp02 decreases below a set limit. It can also run for up to 24 hours continuously, allowing for long term or sleep studies to be performed, and has a clearly displayed battery life indicator on screen.