Martineau et al. (2017)’s review of the literature on Vitamin D supplementation was published in the British Medical Journal yesterday. It immediately caught the eye of BBC reporters, due to its conclusions that Vitamin D supplementation could reduce the number of acute respiratory tract infections by up to 3.25 million cases per year.

As well as protecting against illness and keeping bones strong, Vitamin D has also been shown to affect mood. Given that a large number of people in the UK are deficient in this vitamin, particularly during the winter months (after all, the only way our bodies can naturally produce this vitamin is from exposure to sunlight), implications for physical and mental health are striking. Indeed, this mind-body connection is something that we discussed in depth at Lift Your Way during 2016, from both a sports performance and medical perspective.

Not all supplements are created equal

If you aren’t already taking Vitamin D supplement, it’s important to consider your source before making a purchasing decision. Many vitamin and mineral supplements can be combined with synthetic fillers, or the capsule or tablet casing made from unhealthy oils and animal fats.

PurePharma is our number one choice for Vitamin D supplementation, because its Vitamin D is combined with pure organic, virgin coconut oil, to ensure maximum uptake by the body (Vitamin D needs fat to be absorbed) in the purest way possible. The capsules and jar are also dark, to protect the contents from light, which degrades the precious vitamin. The other great thing about PurePharma’s capsules are that they are so small (barely larger than a pea) and soft, meaning that even people who find taking supplements difficult don’t have a problem swallowing these. Grab your 4 month supply of Vitamin D capsules here.