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Pukka teas, aloe vera juice, Vita Coco drinks, Pure Pharma vitamins and minerals, and AMMA organic chocolate. Carefully selected products to boost your day in the healthiest way!
  1. Vita Coco Café Latte Mocha Vita Coco Mocha Drink

    Vita Coco Café Latte Mocha

    330ml coconut water based mocha drink. Enjoy a chocolatey, coffee boost, without compromising your diet / macros.
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    AMMA Chocolate 85%

    AMMA Organic 85% Miniature

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    5g sample size: the perfect way to try before you buy.
  3. AMMA 60% Dark Chocolate AMMA Chocolate 60%

    AMMA 60% Dark Chocolate

    AMMA 60% Dark Chocolate. Its low acidity makes it a much more familiar taste to the British palette.
  4. AMMA Chocolate 85% AMMA Chocolate 85%

    AMMA Chocolate 85%

    AMMA Chocolate 85%
  5. AMMA 60% Aroeira Chocolate AMMA Aroeira

    AMMA 60% Aroeira Chocolate

    Pink peppercorns give this chocolate bar a mild hint of spice, with a delicate, sweet, fruity flavour. The perfect choice for those who like their chocolate with a bit of 'kick'! 60% cacao, luxury chocolate with pink pepper.
  6. Organic Chocolate Nibirus 75% Amma Nibirus

    Organic Chocolate Nibirus 75%

    Strength and intensity of cocoa, crackling in chocolate. Nibirus is a 75% cacao chocolate that contains the nibs (roasted almond cacao, peeled and crushed) making a crispy and tasty chocolate.
  7. AMMA 100% AMMA 100%

    AMMA 100%


    Extreme, pure and authentic cacao. The total experience in chocolate.

    The perfect way to satisfy that cacao craving, without ruining your diet. Eat on its own, or those less used to high cacao % chocolate bars may prefer to pair with a lower cacao % bar.

  8. Organic Chocolate Gula Merah 70% AMMA Gula Merah

    Organic Chocolate Gula Merah 70%

    This 80g bar is blended with sugar harvested from coconut sap, with an intense chocolate flavour. 70% chocolate cacao, sweetened with coconut sugar. The substitution of organic sugar for coconut sugar makes Gula Merah an even healthier alternative for those who have diet restrictions.
  9. Organic Chocolate Flor do Mar 75% AMMA Flor Do Mar

    Organic Chocolate Flor do Mar 75%

    Sea Flower, salt collected from the crystallisation of the sea, together with 75% cocoa chocolate: the perfect balance.
  10. Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu 80%) Theobroma Grandflorum

    Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu 80%)


    80g chocolate alternative bar. Made with cupuaçu almonds. Although from the same cocoa family, cupuaçu has different taste and consistency, giving Theobroma Grandflorum a unique flavour with a buttery texture that melts in your mouth.

    A true gem from the Brazilian Rainforest, carved by AMMA. From the forest, Amma have sourced the fruits of the most aromatic cupuaçu, extracting its beans, wrapped in its creamy, sweet and acidulated pulp. After a long fermentation and sun drying, these beans were transformed into Grandiflorum 80%, the bar you are about to taste. The result is the pure and outstanding flavour of this fresh and unique fruit, that keeps changing constantly. Its velvety texture, melting in your mouth and playing with your senses. Something absolutely new and mind blowing. The rich flavour from the Brazilian rainforests.


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