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Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuacu 80%)


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80g chocolate alternative bar. Made with cupuaçu almonds. Although from the same cocoa family, cupuaçu has different taste and consistency, giving Theobroma Grandflorum a unique flavour with a buttery texture that melts in your mouth.

A true gem from the Brazilian Rainforest, carved by AMMA. From the forest, Amma have sourced the fruits of the most aromatic cupuaçu, extracting its beans, wrapped in its creamy, sweet and acidulated pulp. After a long fermentation and sun drying, these beans were transformed into Grandiflorum 80%, the bar you are about to taste. The result is the pure and outstanding flavour of this fresh and unique fruit, that keeps changing constantly. Its velvety texture, melting in your mouth and playing with your senses. Something absolutely new and mind blowing. The rich flavour from the Brazilian rainforests.




In a recent review, the Guardian had this to say:

"This is a gourmet product, made using the beans of the tangy cupuaçu fruit, from the same plant family – Theobroma – to which cacao belongs. The company making it is Amma – a premium, organic bean-to-bar brand in Brazil whose regular chocolates have scooped up a number of International Chocolate awards in the past couple of years. The cupuaçu fruit (Latin name Theobroma grandiflorum, and pronounced coo-poo-asoo) is processed in the same way as cacao (Theobroma cacao), using 80% cupuaçu solids, for Amma's new bar. Reviewers online seem intrigued and delighted in equal measure, and it's particularly noted for its creaminess.

Diego Badaró – the founder of Amma and the fifth generation of a family of cacao producers in Bahia, north-east of the country – describes his cupuaçu bar as "a combination between fruits and the forest. Cupuaçu is a tropical fruit, so it's sweet and acidic at the same time ... The bar has that combination, with notes of walnuts and earth.""

The AMMA Chocolate mission: Rescue and preserve the forest through the cacao and from it develop a healthy chocolate, tasty and high quality to conquer palates worldwide. AMMA Chocolate is produced organically with almond trees planted in the shade of the Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia - the highest biodiversity per square meter of the planet. AMMA respect the taste of cacao in all processes: the forest, the cacao trees and producers that give rise to an unique chocolate flavour in every single crop.

Environmentally responsible from organic soil management to the use of solar panels in the factory, offsetting carbon emissions and biodegradable packaging printed with vegetable ink. High quality standard: harvest in the right time, careful selection, long fermentation and natural drying. Recipes, roasting and conching specific to each type of cocoa in order to best aromas expression and flavors, with shine and flawless texture and the maximum antioxidant power from the fruit of the Gods.

May contain traces of milk. Gluten Free.

3 customer reviews

  1. tasty and healthy

    Review by Ricki (Posted on June 07, 2016)

    I tasted this 'chocolate' and found it to be quite different to ones I have tasted before. It was softer than usual and so subtle in taste - not at all bitter. Later when I read its composition I was pleased that something so nice was also healthy!

  2. Very soft!

    Review by Catherine (Posted on May 22, 2016)

    This bar is extremely soft, which is what makes it immediately obvious that this is not a regular chocolate bar. I found the initial taste almost too subtle for me, but the aftertaste is a lot more chocolatey. I'd definitely use this bar to satisfy a chocolate craving if I was trying to cut sugar out of my diet completely. Also a great alternative to artificial 'diabetic chocolate,' as this is a completely natural chocolate alternative.

  3. Good for diabetics or people looking for a chocolate substitute

    Review by Andre (Posted on May 22, 2016)

    I have tried this bar once. It wouldn't be my first choice, but if I needed a chocolate alternative, it definitely has a chocolatey taste. I imagine this bar is a great option for diabetics, or those otherwise looking to avoid sweet chocolate.

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