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Organic Chocolate Nibirus 75%


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Strength and intensity of cocoa, crackling in chocolate. Nibirus is a 75% cacao chocolate that contains the nibs (roasted almond cacao, peeled and crushed) making a crispy and tasty chocolate.



Two products; one source. Cacao brings us both cocoa and nibs. Both fruit of a magical interaction between humans and nature. Two foods which are so intimate and close, yet different at the same time.

Nibirus gives us the strength and intensity of a fruity cacao. The acidity of the nibs perfectly balances and enhances the chocolate flavours. A true sensory journey into the Brazilian rainforest.

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, organic cacao nibs. 75% minimum cacao content. Gluten free.

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  1. Can definitely taste the rainforest!

    Review by Catherine (Posted on April 12, 2016)

    Absolutely loaded with cocoa nibs for those who like texture in their chocolate. A very acidic taste, which reflects the soils in which it is grown. I enjoyed it in combination with a ‘gentler’ and creamier dark chocolate; I think on its own it would be too much for me, but would possibly be a good pairing with coffee?

    The aftertaste was delicious and stayed with me for a good while. Just nibbling on 1/4 of a bar lasted me a couple of hours, whereas the usual milk and sugar loaded chocolate bars would have been gone within minutes. In that sense, it definitely did the job for me.

    I'd recommend this for any dark chocolate lovers. Those used to their milk chocolate might want to start on a lower cacao% option.

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