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AMMA 60% Dark Chocolate


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AMMA 60% Dark Chocolate. Its low acidity makes it a much more familiar taste to the British palette.



Wonderfully balanced, to sharpen your palate. With light hints of nuts, low acidity and a tropical fruit flavor, this chocolate is an easy and pleasant experience to the senses.

Packed full of antioxidants to maintain well-being, stimulate the metabolism, and fuel an adventurous spirit.

Contains organic cacao (60% minimum), organic sugar, organic cacao butter. Organic, Halal and Kosher stamped.

AMMA Chocolate

1 customer reviews

  1. My favourite AMMA bar

    Review by Catherine (Posted on May 07, 2016)

    This is my favourite AMMA bar so far. Some of the other varieties which I have tried have had quite an acidic taste, which I put down to the relatively high pH of the soils in the Bahia forest area, from where AMMA cocoa is of course sourced. It's still a very pleasant taste, but as I'm a bit of a chocoholic, I've been alternating my AMMA bars with other brands as I like a bit of variety.

    For some reason though, this bar seems a lot more mellow and creamy. It's not just that it's 60% (one would of course expect the higher percentages to be less creamy), as I've also tried the Qah'Wa, although it's not surprising that the coffee beans in this make for a slightly more bitter taste.

    I'm going to try the 100% next, for a real contrast. Can't wait!

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