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AMMA 60% Aroeira Chocolate


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Pink peppercorns give this chocolate bar a mild hint of spice, with a delicate, sweet, fruity flavour. The perfect choice for those who like their chocolate with a bit of 'kick'!

60% cacao, luxury chocolate with pink pepper.



Native to the South America, the aroeiras (Schinus terebinthifolius) are responsible for the red carpet formed over all Brazilian biomes. Pure beauty, refinement and sophistication of Mother Nature. The aroma of pepper, slightly sweet flavour, and delicate exuberance.

The union of aroeira with cacao results in a chocolate with personality, boldness, sophistication and flavour of spices from the New World.

90% of the elements in the periodic table can be found in the Atlantic Rainforest region of Bahia.

Please note that pink peppercorns are NOT suitable for people with tree nut allergies.

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  1. Amma 60% Aroeira Chocolate

    Review by Ricki (Posted on April 12, 2016)

    I am not surprised that most of the ingredients in this chocolate come from a rain forest as there is a purity to the taste. The combination of pink pepper gives it a subtle kick!

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