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Extreme, pure and authentic cacao. The total experience in chocolate.

The perfect way to satisfy that cacao craving, without ruining your diet. Eat on its own, or those less used to high cacao % chocolate bars may prefer to pair with a lower cacao % bar.



AMMA Chocolate actively promote the preservation of Brazilian Rainforests, practicing organic agriculture and fair pay and working conditions for employees and collaborators. "We cherish the pure flavor of cacao and all of the benefits that the fruit of the gods brings to the human health. We believe that chocolate has the power of turning the world greener and making people happier!", says Diego Badaró of AMMA.

AMMA's cacao tress grow organically amidst the rainforest, under the shade of ancient trees and surrounded by some of the world’s highest biodiversity. AMMA Chocolate work hard to preserve their beautiful environment, and in exchange, receive the rich aromatic notes that make AMMA Chocolate so unique and irresistible.

Besides genetics and terroir, the post harvest of cacao is crucial for a chocolate of excellence. AMMA beans undergo a long fermentation process, taking their time to develop all of their aromas and nuances. Once fermented, they dry slowly and naturally under the sun, closely monitored by the careful and trained eyes of the workers of the land. In the factory, mild roasts and natural ingredients enhance the aromatic profiles of AMMA cacao.

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