Professional spray tanning solution, spray tan starter kits, tanning machines and extractor fans.
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    1 Litre 20% Pro Tanning Solution Lift Your Way Tanning Solution

    1 Litre 20% Pro Tanning Solution

    Special Price: £19.99

    Regular Price: £30.00

    Extra dark professional spray tan solution for stage and show. Accentuates muscle tone, particularly under show lighting.
    Apply at least 24 hours before competition day (leave on for a minimum of 8 hours, or preferably overnight), and reapply on show day if an extra-dark finish is required.

    Current promotion: Save over £9 per litre and receive free delivery when you buy 3 litres for £65.
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    Aura Spray Tan Extractor Fan Aura Extractor Fan - front view

    Aura Spray Tan Extractor Fan

    Special Price: £199.00

    Regular Price: £249.00

    Extractor fans are recommended when spray tanning in enclosed, poorly ventilated areas. They reduce overspray, keeping the room clean and preventing inhalation of spray tan. This can be particularly important for asthmatic or pregnant clients, as well as for the spray tan technicians themselves. Weighing less than 5kg, the Aura extraction unit is suitable for competition, mobile or salon use. It has a handle at the top for easy portability, and has two very easily changed filters - the main filter, and a monitor filter so that you can check when your main filter needs changing. What's more, replacement filters are under £5, giving the Aura the lowest operating costs of any extractor fan on the market.
  3. Spray Tan Booster Drops

    Booster Drops


    Turbo charge your tan with our extra strong booster drops. Add to any percentage of solution to increase the DHA percentage, for a darker tan.

    • Extra Strong 50% DHA concentration
    • Suitable for vegans: 100% vegetable derived ingredients
    • Contains 50ml of liquid in dropper bottle
  4. Elite TS50 Click & Tan TS50 tanning machine

    Elite TS50 Click & Tan

    Exclusively to Lift Your Way, the return of the best selling Earlex TS50 tanning machine. Widely hailed as the greatest tanning machine ever made, and now equipped with the most advanced tanning gun system on the market: the Click 'N' Tan. - 450 Watt Turbine, 230V. - 3.5 metre flexihose with storage - Patented Click 'N' Tan Gun technology. Comes with 3 gun front ends for interchanging different solution shades/DHA levels. - 3 cup lids. - Satin Nozzle technology. Pre-order now for £50 off* and free shipping until Monday the 25th. Be one of the first people to grab one of these coveted machines. * Full price will come into effect on Monday the 25th of September. Order now to take advantage of the £139 price.
  5. Elite TS50 Click & Tan Spray Tan Starter Kit TS50 tanning kit

    Elite TS50 Click & Tan Spray Tan Starter Kit


    Your Elite TS50 Spray Tan Kit includes:

    • Elite TS50 Spray Tan Machine and 3.5m flexihose
    • Aura Click 'N' Tan Gun, with 3x gun heads and 3x cups
    • Two 250ml bottles of tanning solution, in medium 10% and super dark 20%. Remember, these can be blended 50/50 for 15%
    • Spray tan popup tent
  6. Main Filter for Aura Extractor Fan Main Filter for Aura Extractor Fan

    Main Filter for Aura Extractor Fan

    Replacement filter for Aura Extraction unit.
  7. Monitor Filter for Aura Extractor Fan Monitor Filter for Aura Extractor Fan

    Monitor Filter for Aura Extractor Fan

    Replacement extractor fan for the professional Aura Extractor Fan.
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    Spray tan starter kit

    Spray Tan Starter Kit

    Special Price: £199.00

    Regular Price: £249.00

    This professional spray tanning kit includes:

    • Studio HVLP Tanning Machine: compact, lightweight, portable, and suitable for mobile or salon use.
    • Mobile carry case.
    • Spray tan popup tent in black.
    • 250ml professional, extra dark spray tan solution.
    • Pack of 25 pairs of disposable sticky feet.
    • Pack of 10 nose filters.

    Option to upgrade to Aura Allure for an additional £45. Learn more below.

  9. St Tropez Mitt

    St Tropez Tanning Mitt

    The St.Tropez applicator mitt ensures a streak-free finish, avoiding staining of the palm of the hands. The water resistant barrier ensures fingers remain unstained.
  10. Studio Tanning Machine Tanning Essentials Studio

    Studio Tanning Machine

    Introducing the brand new, ultra-compact mobile HVLP tanning machine. Includes free 250ml sample of Tan Your Way professional, ultra-dark competition tanning solution.
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    Tan Your Way 10% Photoshoot spray tan

    Tan Your Way 10%

    Special Price: £19.99

    Regular Price: £31.00

    As low as: £9.99

    Our lightest tan, to give the skin a healthy glow and accentuate muscle tone. Can also be used in conjunction with a darker shade orbooster drops, for muscle sculpting.
    For everyday use, or as the perfect photoshoot tan. Made in the United Kingdom. Suitable for vegans.

  12. SALE
    Tan Your Way 12% Medium shade fake tan

    Tan Your Way 12%

    Special Price: £19.99

    Regular Price: £31.00

    As low as: £9.99
    By popular demand - our brand new, 12% medium-shade professional tanning solution. For a stunning holiday tan that will compliment any complexion. Choose from 1 litre (1000ml), or 250ml sample size.
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    Tan Your Way 14% 14% professional spray tan

    Tan Your Way 14%

    Special Price: £19.99

    Regular Price: £31.00

    As low as: £9.99
    A tan dark, blended with a 14% concentration of the highest quality DHA. Freshly made in the United Kingdom.
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    Tanning Essentials 'Pro Mobile' Vanity Case for Mobile Spray Tanning

    Tanning Essentials 'Pro Mobile' Vanity Case for Mobile Spray Tanning

    Special Price: £39.00

    Regular Price: £69.00

    Convenient and professional, the mobile carry case can comfortably fit any of the Tanning Essentials range of machines, as well as a Turbo Twister Extractor fan, if desired. Can also be used to transport other brands of tanning machine (check dimensions below), as well as consumables and spray tan solution. Equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle for ultimate ease of use.

    Weight: 3.3kg

    Dimensions: (L)46cm x (W)29cm x (H)30cm

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    Tanning Tent Tanning Tent

    Tanning Tent

    Special Price: £49.99

    Regular Price: £69.99

    Spray tan popup tent with a professional black finish (hides spray tan stains!), to protect your room from overspray. Suitable for home, competition, mobile or salon use.

    • Double stitched, extra durable fabric - protected from holes or tears
    • Hygienic, easy clean material - just wipe down with a damp cloth
    • Includes circular carry bag for easy storage and portability
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