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Elite TS50 Click & Tan


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Exclusively to Lift Your Way, the return of the best selling Earlex TS50 tanning machine. Widely hailed as the greatest tanning machine ever made, and now equipped with the most advanced tanning gun system on the market: the Click ‘N’ Tan. – 450 Watt Turbine, 230V. – 3.5 metre flexihose with storage – Patented Click ‘N’ Tan Gun technology. Comes with 3 gun front ends for interchanging different solution shades/DHA levels. – 3 cup lids. – Satin Nozzle technology.



About the machine

The Earlex TS50 (or HV5008) was known as the workhorse of the industry. It was unbeatable for performance, reliability or price. It’s what Earlex’s reputation in the tanning industry was built on. It inspired the MaxiMist range in the USA, and it became the machine that all others tried to emulate.

With the takeover of Earlex a few years ago, the TS50 was discontinued. It was the end of an era.

Now, exclusively to Lift Your Way, you can relive tanning’s glory days. We have agreed with Earlex/Wagner a unique and exclusive configuration of the genuine TS50 turbine and body, but equipped with the brand new Click & Tan Wagner gun. The best of both worlds.

This is a true marriage of Earlex’s British-made turbine power and reliability, with Wagner’s German engineered spray tan gun. Go ahead and scour the internet; you will not find the Earlex TS50 anywhere else. We have pledged ourselves to this machine and are willing to put our reputation behind it, in order to revive these machines which, in our opinion, were simply the best tanning machine ever made.


 About the Click ‘N’ Tan Gun

The highly engineered spray gun nozzle has been especially designed for the tanning industry. It generates the finest atomisation for perfect coverage of the body, and a smooth feeling on the skin. The more efficient use of tanning solution also results in the lowest possible overspray, meaning less solution wastage, and healthier for technicians and clients who may be pregnant or prone to respiratory irritation (such as asthma). 

Click 'N' Tan Satin Nozzle

Above: The Satin Nozzle, delivering the finest atomisation with high solution control.


Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance 

The easy 3 step cleaning process means there is no need to remove the needle, no chance of putting the gun back together incorrectly, and therefore no down time or gun malfunctions in front of clients. 

1, 2, 3 Click N Tan steps

Above: With just a quarter turn the front accessory “clicks” securely onto the handle. A change of front accessories with different lotions just takes seconds, giving the tanning artist additional time to focus on the customer.


Perfection, down the very last detail

Even the solution cup has been engineered to perfection. 

– Non-topple 200ml solution cup
– Cone Cup innovation – no solution wastage
– High grade cup seal – no leaks
– Durable high quality material
– Interchangeable gun front ends – 3 included

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Try a litre of our tan for just £6?

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