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Studio Tanning Machine


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Introducing the brand new, ultra-compact mobile HVLP tanning machine. Includes free 250ml sample of Tan Your Way professional, ultra-dark competition tanning solution.

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Studio Spray Tan Machine


The all-new Studio Spray Tan Machine by Tanning Essentials is a very cost-effective means of achieving a skin tone that compliments a perfectly sculpted physique. This spray tanning machine confidently puts its own impressive muscle in competition with the best.


A Lightweight Packed with Power

Tanning Essentials Studio Spray Tan Machine packs a powerful performance into its 1.7kg ultra compact frame, and it does so with very little fanfare. In fact, its 32000RPM motor delivers a noise level of just 76db, which is a welcome bonus in a tanning studio environment. Another great benefit of being so compact is the ease with which this spray tanning machine can be transported. Tanning Essentials have also incorporated features like quick fit connections, for ultimate time efficiency.


The Build-Up to Perfection

The Studio Spray Tan Machine entrusts its internal parts to the strength and durability of stainless steel, and gives its spray applicator the versatility of adjustable patterning. This allows for quick and easy spray pattern changes in order to accentuate certain muscle groups (see our article on body contouring here).


Easy plug and play settings add to the no-nonsense approach that the manufacturer has taken in developing a spray tan machine that offers peak performance with minimum fuss. An ergonomically designed spray applicator ensures that spray tan application is comfortable and intuitive, which means that customers will continue to receive a glowing and evenly applied new skin tone. For tanning salons, the high level of customer satisfaction achieved by using this high performance spray tanning machine is crucial to business success.


Creating the Perfect Picture

Once the vertical, horizontal or contouring applicator setting has been selected, a simple clockwise turn of the dial at the back of the spray applicator allows a quick test of the amount of tanning solution being released. The unit is preset to the perfect power setting, which means that the tanning solution is delivered in an ultra-fine mist that ensures an even result. The Studio Spray Tan Machine has been designed for efficiency, so that an enviable healthy glow can be achieved using as little as 40mls of tanning solution for a full body application. Cleanable filters do their part in keeping costs low.


Ready for the Competition

The Studio Spray Tan System from Tanning Essentials admirably holds its own against spray tanning machine competitors in affordability, efficiency, comfort and convenience. Definitely a spray tanning machine that can be trusted to ensure that the perfectly sculpted human form is proudly displayed in various shades of bronze.

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