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Wrist oximeter, with SP02 probe included. Ideal for longer term pulse rate and oxygen saturation monitoring due to the oximeter design (more practical and secure) and 24-hour memory. Equipped with PR and SP02 alarms, as well as a perfusion index to alert you to the quality of the obtained reading.



Fingertip pulse oximeters are excellent spot-check tools, but can be impractical for monitoring over longer time periods (such as night time studies). The CMS50I wrist oximeter is more comfortable and secure than these alternatives.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery (charger included. Also charges when connected to your computer via USB), which will work for 10 hours continuously when fully charged. Crystal clear 1.5” colour OLED display (resolution 128x128), with adjustable direction and brightness.


Special features:

  • Perfusion Index: provides a numeric readout to let you know whether or not the oximeter is getting good blood flow. A common cause of erroneous or confusing results from pulse oximeters is poor quality readings. The perfusion index provides extra reassurance that a high quality reading is being obtained, and alerts you if you need to retake, eliminating doubt and ensuring high accuracy every time.
  • Built-in alarms for SP02 oxygen saturation and pulse rate – perfect for alerting you to changes in the patient or user’s condition.
  • Built in memory provides up to 24 hours of data storage.


Package includes:

  • CMS50I Wrist Oximeter (dimensions: 63(L) x 55(W) x 15(H)mm. Weighs 45g including battery.
  • 1x adult finger probe (contains latex)
  • 2x one-off adhesive SP02 probes
  • Power adapter
  • CD of PC software
  • USB cable
  • User manual


Covered by 1 year Contec warranty. CE and FDA approved.


Reading specifications:

SP02 accuracy ±2% (for oxygen saturations between 70-100%).

Pulse rate accuracy ±1bpm (for heart rates between 30-250 beats per minute)

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  1. a seller totally unlike many if not most others

    Review by Phil (Posted on December 11, 2016)

    Hi Catherine,

    You've been a seller totally unlike many if not most others. You've been helpful in setting up alternative delivery, you've supplied what you said, when you said, well-packaged.

    Sadly my frequent experience is that things are misdescribed, delayed in sending, sent badly packaged, or the wrong items sent.

    Thanks so much for all your efforts.

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