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CMS50DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter



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Contec CMS50DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor, for home and professional use. Includes SpO2 / oxygen saturation reading. Ideal for sports people, paramedics, police officers, doctors and nurses, as well as for home use in patients with conditions such as atrial fibrillation, COPD, pulmonary hypertension, asthma and diabetes. Also used by patients suffering from anxiety.

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  • Oximeter (in blue)

  • Lanyard

  • Carry case

  • Set of AAA batteries included free

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Contec Medical have established themselves as a world leader in small medical devices and home monitoring equipment, due to their high accuracy, reliability, and value for money. The Contec CMS50DL fingertip pulse oximeter reflects these core values, and answers the physician, clinic, home health care, sports and aviation markets' demand for a lightweight, inexpensive monitor for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation (%SpO2) and heart rate (pulse).

Its long battery life (2500 spot checks, or 30 hours of continuous use) makes this a particularly popular model for health care workers on the go, as well as paramedics and police offers.

1 year manufacturer's warranty and set of AAA batteries included.

The CMS50DL's accuracy of +/- 2% is the industry standard (Ingram & Munro, 2005). Many oximeters are less accurate than this, but it is important to note that more expensive oximeters are not more accurate; the higher pricing comes from durability and drop-testing. Unless your oximeter is going to be used in an environment where it is repeatedly dropped from a height, the CMS50DL has all of the features you will ever need in an fingertip pulse oximeter. It is also one of the most reliable models on the market, and is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.



Display mode: LED
SPO2: Measurement range: 35-99%
Accuracy: +-2%
Pulse: Measure range: 30-240 BPM
Accuracy: +-2 BPM
Pulse Intensity: Bar graph Indication
Power Requirements: Two AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Battery consumption: Two AAA 1.5V, 600mAh alkaline batteries can be continuously for 30 hours, or 2500 spot checks.



Length: 58mm (2.28")
Width: 32mm (1.26") Height: 34mm (1.34")
Weight: 50g (1.77 ounces) - including two AAA batteries

Operating Temp: 0 - 50 Celsuis
Storage Temp: -10 - 60 Celsuis
Operating Humidity: 15% - 95% RH
Storage Humidity: 10% - 95% RH


Also suitable for gym use and for customers monitoring for anxiety.

11 customer reviews

  1. compact and accurate product

    Review by Richard (Posted on December 19, 2016)

    Thank you for a reasonably priced, compact and accurate product!! I am a medically trained Firefighter and wanted one to be part of my personal trauma pack that I keep in my personal vehicle and off duty!! Great little piece of kit n great value for money!! When I said accurate I meant head to head with our pulse Oximeter on our appliance and know they cost upwards of £450!

  2. health reasons

    Review by Steven (Posted on August 02, 2016)

    health reasons, very happy with your product

  3. For work and home

    Review by Raymond (Posted on August 02, 2016)

    I purchased the oximeter for both work and home. My wife is a care home manager and i work in education. We also have a very extensive home/car medical kit including many item most everyday users will not have.

  4. Great device!

    Review by Nadine (Posted on August 02, 2016)

    I purchased it because my third child has down syndrome and suffers with his chest and my main concern when he's Ill are his oxygen levels. My friend recommended one of these to me!

    It's fantastic. He was unwell at the beginning of this week and it gave me the reassurance I know the signs to look out for but its just another reassurance or a bit of technology to give me a small guidance

  5. For my daughter that has bad asthma

    Review by Eilish (Posted on July 20, 2016)

    Hi thank you for my product I m very happy with it and was surprised how fast it, so thank you.I got it as my daughter has bad asthma and is only 3 years old we are always up and down the doctors to get her checked so now we are able to do that ourselfs now. This should save us and the docs time.

    So thank you again.

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