Both men and women involved in bodybuilding will need spray tans on competition or modelling days, but a growing number also choose a tan for everyday use, in order to accentuate muscle tone and highlight their hard work in the gym. To cater to this market, we’ve adapted our popular 20% competition tan, now offering 10%, 12% and 14% options.

For a limited time, our new range is on special offer (£10 off per litre), to help with the normal summer slowdown. During this time, it's important to remain stocked up so as not to have to turn away precious business due to low solution stock; however, ordering in more tan can be tough at a time when half of your clients are away on holiday.

Tan Your Way 10% - light golden brown tan.

Tan Your Way 12% - a darker, summer glow.

Tan Your Way 14% - perfect 'just back from holiday' tan, or for muscle contour work.

Remember that we also offer booster drops, containing 50% DHA, if you need a boost to one of your preexisting base solutions.