It’s no secret that very little is produced in the UK any more. Our tanning solutions are a little bit of an exception, in that they are manufactured here in the UK – however, some of our ingredients are still sourced from abroad (such as our high quality DHA), and paid for in US dollars.

When it comes to the products that support our solutions, the truth is that spray tanning is now an almost 100% imported industry. 2014 saw the loss of British HVLP manufacturer 'Earlex,' purchased by Wagner whose model - like that of so many others - has been to outsource production to China.

Spray tan tents, too, are all produced in China (yes, even the £99 ones). So are consumables such as sticky feet, hair nets and disposable thongs.

Very few can predict the longer term impact of Brexit on the United Kingdom (if, indeed, the UK even continues to be a political entity for the foreseeable future). As the Pound Sterling continues to remain at historically low levels against the US$ and Euro, however, it seems inevitable that prices within the tanning industry will increase.

Of course, spray tanning is no exception. The UK is a net importer, and a large number of other industries also rely heavily on goods purchased in foreign currency. Therefore, it is entirely possible that - in the short-medium term, at least - many clients will find themselves less well off in general, on the lookout for better prices, at the very same time that professional spray tanners' margins are being squeezed with potential price increases of their equipment and solutions.

The good news is that those who focus on the fitness and bodybuilding industries are less susceptible. Performers and fitness professionals don't get a tan as a luxury; their physique is a fundamental part of their lifestyle, and a tan is an essential component of this at show time. Competitors are also less fickle and less likely to 'shop around'; if you do a good job for them, they'll be loyal and come back to you time after time.